Child Care Services

The Out of School Care Centre's story

Number 18 Parkway began its life after the Second World War, as it was one of the few original buildings built by the University to provide short-term accommodation for staff members.

  1. History
  2. Our mission
  3. Our philosophy
  4. What we offer
  5. Our environment


Records have shown prominent University staff members were in residence from 1954 until 1982.

Life came to the building in 1988 with the beginnings of the first after school care centre for University staff and the local community. Transformations began immediately and the renovations and major maintenance upgrades over the years has created a unique out of school care service for University staff, students and the local community that is well known and respected within the child care industry.

We cater for 39 children each day and offer a diverse range of stimulating activities, excursions and facilities in a friendly, fun-filled environment that is enjoyed by all participants and sets the benchmark for enriching and extending children’s well-being and development in a school age care setting.

With the introduction of the National Quality Agenda in January 2012 the UWA Out of School Care Centre continues to embrace children’s imagination, creativity and their exploration through play in order to support and develop their physical, cognitive, emotional and social development.

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Our mission

We aim to provide high-quality care and enriching learning experiences for all school age care children, in partnership with their families, and in accordance with the Education and Care Services National Law, Education and Care Services National Regulations, and the National Quality Framework. We ensure the service offers a safe, friendly, age appropriate environment for children and their parents, with professional, caring and motivated staff.

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Our philosophy

At our Centre we endeavour to become an extension of the family’s home, in which the happiness and well-being of every child is our first priority.

  • We understand that every child has the intrinsic right to feel special and to be shown genuine warmth, support and be part of a caring environment.
  • We recognise the importance of providing a safe and hygienic environment, and of catering to each child’s individual needs for healthy, nutritious meals, rest, comfort and support, plus the opportunity to participate in a variety of stimulating and challenging activities which encourage growth and development.
  • We believe that children learn through play, and that activities should be dynamic and allow exploration to encourage both individual development and social/group socialisation in a resource-rich environment.
  • We embrace diversity, fostering an inclusive and respectful setting for all children, families and staff.
  • We value parent input with regard to every child’s individual needs, cultural background, development and issues pertaining to the running of the service.

UWA Out of School Hours Care Centre is an integral part of the community that is encompassed by the University of Western Australia. By providing a quality out of school care service for its staff, students and the general community, we are supporting the University’s ongoing commitment to their Work and Family Policy.

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What we offer

  • We provide a safe, secure and happy environment.
  • We provide a centre where the children feel relaxed and in a place where they belong and are respected.
  • We provide a range of stimulating developmental and social activities that cater to individual and/or group needs and abilities.
  • We provide a place for children to make new friends and play with staff.
  • We maintain routines to promote high levels of health, hygiene and cleanliness.
  • We encourage respect and consideration of others through problem solving.
  • We promote self-responsibility by providing opportunities for children to make choices, take on new challenges and enhance self-esteem through play.
  • We value and encourage the involvement of children and parents in program development.
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Our environment

UWA Out of School Care (“the blue house”) is conveniently located on the University of Western Australia grounds close to Human Movement and the swimming pool. The outdoor environment is well shaded with mature, leafy trees with the highlight being the double-storey natural timber cubby house.

The Crawley foreshore is easily accessible and the staff utilise the surrounding gardens/open areas on the UWA campus (the Human Movement oval, Secret Garden, Biological Sciences grass area and the walkway at the back of the centre) to play games and sports.

The outdoor area also includes a basketball ring, underground trampoline, climbing frames, monkey bars and interactive spaces.

The house interior is brightly coloured and is a “time capsule” displaying the journey of past and current children and staff. We emphasise play and creative experiences and have purposely reduced access to electronic devices and television. There is an area for children to access staff for assistance if completing homework and all rooms offer the opportunity for active or passive play.

The centre has a fully operational kitchen that the children can utilise to engage in cooking experiences. We provide a cooked afternoon tea daily plus additional snacks and morning tea during vacation care periods.

Our environment is regularly being re-created according to the children’s interests and activities being offered. Staff support and respect the children’s feedback and endeavour to include their suggestions and ideas in the centre program.

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