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  • Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate

For further details on charges and late fees refer to our Fee Policy Statement, which is given to families on enrolment and signed by parents.

We require one week’s full fee to be paid upon enrolment.

Fees are payable for every day of your child’s enrolment, regardless of any absence; including family holidays, sick days and exclusion periods for infectious conditions as stipulated by the National Health and Medical Research Council.

Current fees: Daily $126, Weekly $542 (as at January 2018).

Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR) 

We encourage all families to contact the Department of Human Services (DHS) to obtain a Customer Reference Number (CRN) for themselves and their child and organise an assessment for Child Care Benefit (CCB).

Any Child Care Benefit (CCB) and/or Child Care Rebate (CCR) fee reductions will be included in your child’s fee once the correct information is provided to the child care service and assessed by the Department through the Child Care Management System (CCMS).

Absences will not attract CCB where fees are charged to reserve a place for a child who has not yet started care. Four weeks’ notice is required in writing if you wish to cancel your place and/or make any changes to your child’s enrolment.

If your child does not attend the centre during their last four weeks of care, CCB will not be applied and full fees will be charged (in accordance with Department of Education guidelines).


Payments can be made by direct transfer to our bank account or salary packaging (UWA staff only).

It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that you have a current salary packaging contract with UWA Human Resources and that you sign and complete the salary packaging form provided to you by the Child Care Service, and return the form to the salary packaging department for processing.

Families that salary package their fees will not be entitled to Child Care Benefit or the Child Care Rebate.